Tuesday, 25 April 2017

My Proofreading Fees are ...

Many proofreaders are freelancers and we set our own fees.  So before I start on your project, the fee will be agreed.

As a general rule, my fee is set by the hour:

£10 per hour = proofreading;

£8 per hour = manuscript critique (beta reading)

I will offer a special price if both services are required.

Did you know that I have extensive research skills? I have researched historical figures where there has been little information available, yes, pre-internet days! At the moment, I am researching my family history, and indeed, this is a service I do intend to offer in the future. I have been intrigued by Heir Hunters, which was shown recently on tv. I have a degree in history and this subject is all about thorough research. Historians know where to research. We have developed the skills through our own passion and commitment. Many of us are happy to use our skills to help people who would like to know more about their ancestry or to help others find a fortune left to them - now that would be nice!

So I am offering a new Research only service for just £8 per hour, contact me if you would like to discuss this.

And there is more ...

Coming Soon ...

Hire me for your freelance journalism & copywriting needs.

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